La Peral Blue Cheese  from 125g

La Peral Blue Cheese from 125g

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  • Silver Medal World Cheese Awards 2010
  • Gluten Free

Introducing the exquisite La Peral Cheese from the majestic Picos de Europa mountains in Asturias, Spain. This sumptuous blue cheese, crafted by the iconic Quesería La Peral dairy, offers a truly unique sensory experience that will captivate both cheese connoisseurs and casual epicureans alike.
Rooted in tradition and perfected by know-how and state-of-the-art technology, La Peral Cheese is the pride and joy of a family-owned business dating back to 1923. This divine cheese bears the unmistakable character of its picturesque origin - the charming village of La Peral, nestled amidst the breath-taking landscapes of Asturias.
La Peral Cheese strikes an uncanny resemblance with the velvety richness of the Italian Gorgonzola. Young and tender, this semi-soft, blue-veined beauty flaunts a creamy yet firm texture, slightly grainy to the touch. As it gracefully ages, the cheese sheds its moisture, softening and weeping delectable hints of caramel.
Its distinctive buttery taste is enlivened by tantalising notes of mushroom, pairing impeccably with its olfactory bouquet in the early days of ripening. As time elapses, this gem acquires a full-bodied, slightly pungent personality.

✔ Flavour: It has a delicate buttery, mushroom flavour with hints of caramel and a great bouquet in its initial days of ripening.
✔ Texture: Semi soft – Blue Veined. Ring edible
✔ Pasteurized cow's milk.
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