Welcome to the vibrant world of O-Med, a spirited and youthful company born from a profound love for extra virgin olive oil, rooted in the traditions and expertise of their father, Juan de Dios.

      Nestled in the picturesque town of Ácula in Granada, O-Med is not just a small olive mill; it's a haven where passion meets precision. Every step, from the harvest to the artful bottling, is meticulously overseen because they believe that this hands-on approach is the only way to deliver to cherished consumers the epitome of quality.

      Step into the realm of O-Med's extra virgin olive oils, where tradition meets cutting-edge technology. Picture very early harvested olives, bursting with rich aromas and intricate flavors. To create these delightful notes, O-Med employs an array of innovative techniques, ensuring a taste that transcends the ordinary.

      To safeguard against oxidation, O-Med treat their treasured oils with the utmost care, conserving them with nitrogen. Their commitment to sustainability shines through as olive stones, often overlooked, power the mill, making it an eco-friendly haven.

      Feel the freshness in every drop with the cold extraction process, never exceeding 20ºC (69ºF). O-Med commitment to the environment extends to their packaging – glass and recyclable materials in every container, embodying dedication and innovation.

      At O-Med, each bottle is more than just oil; it's a piece of art. With exclusive designs and a fusion of vision and hard work. Welcome to the O-Med family, where tradition dances with innovation, and every pour tells a story of passion and quality.

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